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Taking a Tour Is a Great Way to Prepare Your Child for School

Children have a natural desire to be with their peers.  With your help and understanding, the transition from home to school will be a positive experience for you and your child. We offer the following suggestions:

  1. Talk about school mentioning the things he or she will do.
  2. Come with your child to visit the school.  Explore the classroom with him/her and talk about coming back soon.
  3. On the first day, walk your child into their classroom.  Avoid carrying them as this makes your departure more difficult.  Say good-bye in a casual manner.  Long kisses and hugs only makes your child feel that you don’t really want him/her to stay.  Tell him/her you will return soon.  You will build a sense of trust if you let your child know when you are leaving and return as promised.  Do not sneak away when your child is not looking.
  4. Once you have said good-byes, walk resolutely away.  Most children will be involved happily within minutes.  If your child is reluctant we suggest that you return in an hour the first few days.
  5. Your child might feel more secure bringing a favorite blanket or toy.  He or she will give it up when they are ready.

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