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  • The first five years of life is the critical period where the foundation that supports a child all the way into adulthood is created. Preschool standards help children develop the preliteracy and prenumeracy skills they need to enter kindergarten. Our daycare in San Diego offer programs for kids from 6 weeks to 5 years.

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  • Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

    • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
    • Individual attention in a small-class setting
    • Opportunities to carry out scientific investigations
    • Positive learning environment for your child
    • Delightful, friendly and welcoming place
  • Infants (6 weeks to 23 months)

    Infants are born with a strong sense of curiosity which is a powerful motivator for learning and helping guide them into toddler hood.
    At this age, we keep them on a consistent daily routine and also help them explore and learn about there surroundings, by introducing them to different textures, shape, weight, sounds, visuals and music.

    Toddlers (2-3 years)

    In the toddler’s classes, we begin by introducing the children to a preschool and its setting. We show the children how to handle a book, sing the alphabet and introduce other songs and finger plays, count, work on age appropriate Art and Science projects

    Pre-K I (3-4 years)

    Three Year Olds are active learners who learn by doing, exploring, thinking about, playing and hands on. We focus on teacher directed instruction to help the children be the active learners they crave to be. Three Year Olds begin to recognize letters and letter sounds, numbers and their own name. We incorporate as much hands on as possible with sorting objects, measuring, creating shapes while focusing on their age appropriate curriculum.

    Pre-K II (4-5 years)

    Our Four Year Olds are one step away from entering Kindergarten. At this age, we continue to encourage the children by taking learning one step further. Not only recognizing letters and letter sounds, numbers and quantities, recognizing their name and writing their name, but also telling time and challenging them with the age appropriate curriculum. In this class we also introduce the children to homework in preparation for Kindergarten.

    Summer Adventure Program

    Our summer program is filled with adventures and in-house field trips.

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